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Australian Government Approved, NATO Endorsed & Certified ISO9001:2000 Certified – Fire & Smoke Machines for Training & Smoke Testing.

Smokeshield Fire Training Smoke / Fire Fighter Training

Rural Fire Service – State Championships – Click Video to Play

Fire fighters training with live fire training props are essential to experience the full danger of a smoke and fire environment. Smokeshield Australia offers smoke generators and machines for fire training that create the most realistic fire training & simulated scenario. Our fire training equipment, products and supplies are totally safe and are ideal for hands-on fire training. In fact our smoke training machines have the highest levels of safety standards built into them and the smoke itself it completely harmless to humans.
Smokeshield Australia smoke generators are one of the best for fire department training. The designs of our fire fighter trainer props have an in-built and unique water based fluid that ensures that the smoke has the longest hang time. This is why our smoke training tools produce the most realistic smoke environment to test in. Some of the exclusive safety features of our top of the line training smoke machinesinclude a built-in timer that can be adjusted to any scenario and controls that help the safety officer to manage the output of smoke density.

Smokeshield Australia is a reputed fire equipment company and certified manufacturers, supplier and distributors of fire and safety equipment.These are built strictly in accordance with OH&S legislation that stipulates mandatory specifications for safety in machinery, substances, systems of work and instructional environments. All our live fire training kits have special food grade glycol and water based fluids which facilitates smoke tests that are safe, easy to handle, and do not have any adverse health effects if inhaled.

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